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State Audit Expansion Specialist (added June 24, 2020)

About Verified Voting Foundation

The unprecedented events of the 2016 election cycle focused the nation’s attention once again on the machinery of democracy – the security and verifiability of our nation’s voting machines and elections infrastructure. This intense scrutiny has accelerated the need for a coordinated national response to strengthen our electoral processes. Verified Voting (, founded by computer scientists in 2004, is a leading national not-for-profit, non-partisan organization focused exclusively on the critical role technology plays in election administration. Through education and advocacy our mission is to safeguard elections in the digital age, protecting the fundamental right to vote where voting intersects technology. Partnering with other advocacy organizations, Verified Voting advocates for changes in policy, procedures and law that will advance the goal of ensuring our elections are secure and verifiable and serves as a “go to” resource on issues of voting technology.